Aqualung Legend ACD Supreme DIN

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  • The Legend LX ACD Supreme- regulator series incorporates a proprietary over-balanced diaphragm first stage design coupled with a high performance balanced second stage.

    The over-balanced first stage achieves unprecedented performance by increasing your air supply the deeper you go.

    The balanced adjustable second stage reduces breathing resistance to near zero with a lightweight balanced valve seat designed to respond instantaneously to the slightest inhalation.

    The Legend LX ACD Supreme regulator series is the best performing regulator Aqua Lung has ever offered.

    Legendary performance from Aqua Lung: a tradition for 60 years.

    Compatible with EAN 40 right out of the box

    Din adapter Option

    The Legend LX ACD diaphragm first stage combines the reliability of a completely sealed unit with the ease of breathing and quality construction common to all Aqua Lung regulators.

    The Legend LX ACD adjustable balanced second stage delivers air with consistent ease regardless of tank pressure and is near neutrally buoyant in the water.

    This will keep water and contaminants out of the regulator-s first stage during rinsing and storage.

    It allows the first stage to maintain peak performance over time

    - The first stage will retain its internal lubrication longer

    - Makes the first stage safer for nitrox use

    The new ACD feature coupled with the environmental dry chamber, results in a first stage that is completely sealed off from the environment.

    Over-balanced diaphragm design delivers superior breathing performance even at increased depths

    Environmentally sealed dry chamber helps resist freezing and keeps the internal mechanism clean and dry

    Inhalation adjustment feature permits diver to control breathing gas delivery under a variety of diving conditions