Kompresorius Mistral Paramina (GR) (benzinas)

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    Kodas: Mistral Petrol

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  • Standard Equipment

    Start/Stop Switch with Thermal Button (electric version)
    Micronic Air Inlet Filter
    Hour Meter (electric version)
    2 Large Stainless Steel Intercoolers
    Large Stainless Steel Aftercooler
    3 Interstage Safety Valves
    Water Separator after 2nd Stage
    Pressure maintaining & non return valve
    Combined Breathing Air Filter including Coalescing Prefilter (0,5 mg/m3 oil residual) & BA cartridge (Active Carbon, Molecular Sieve + Hopcalite as an option) providing clean air in accordance with EN 12021
    Filling Hose (1,2m) complete with DIN and INTERNATIONAL ‘’A’’ Clamp Adaptor
    Final stage manometer
    Manual condensate drains