Prožektorius R1 - LED Seac Sub

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    Kodas: 1572N

    100m, Aluminium

  • A compact mono-LED torch with an anodized aluminium body and 3-position pressure switchon the bottom: maximum power, standard power, and intermittent flashing. Perfect for asecondary light source, or for mounting on a spear gun. Type of batteries: 3 AA alkalinebatteries • Battery life: 180 minutes • Maximum depth: 330 feet (100 m) • Diameter/length:1.75 in (45 mm)/length 6.1 in (155 mm) • Weight: 5 oz (138 g) with batteries • On-offswitch: Mechanical on-off switch • Seal: Double O-Ring radial seal • Glass: Clear Policarbonate.